Chamelion was founded in the early two thousands by Marco Sneck (KB) to create symphonic power metal, influenced by classical music and especially by renaissance- & baroque music. In the beginning some demos were made with various lineups, then focus swifted to do a lot of songwriting.

A concept album was always in mind, so a set of ten songs with a united lyrical story around fantasy theme was crafted. For the debut album, routined friend-musicians were asked to play on it, having shared some extensive band history on other lineups. Janne Kusmin (DR), Jukka Jokikokko (BS) and Jari Satta (GT) stepped into band.

For singer position there was only one man in mind, as the voice of Tomi Viiltola (VC) had caught the ears on other albums. As he joined the band, the quintet was ready.